Food discovery & inspiration

Fork is a quick way to share the meals you've made with friends, and to visually find dinner ideas.

"I love the photos!!! Fork is taking me on all the culinary journeys I'm not going on myself."

- Evonne

"If you believe that food is life, then Fork is one app you can't live without. It allows me to revel in my achievements in the kitchen and share inspiration gleaned from restaurants with a community of fellow foodies."

- Liz

"A network where I can shamelessly post and view delicious food pics. Instagram plus a few Michelin stars!"

- Andrew

"Sometimes you get into this groove where you are eating so many awesome meals, you start clogging Instagram and Facebook. Fork gives me a guilt-free place to show off my food porn. I can brag. I can share. I can keep the photos there or share my pride further on twitter and Facebook. It's a simple place to collect my yummiest food experiences."

- Jen

"Fork is a great app for making people's mouths water and also celebrating the sharing of photos with a purpose. Food pictures have stayed on my mobile but now theres a space for it on Fork. The app is beautifully laid out designwise, which leaves the user to do only one thing; share some great food either for discovery or for culinary inspiration. I love it!"

- Brad

"I am definitely addicted to Fork. I am passionate about food, photography, and social media. Fork is the perfect app for sharing those passions."

- Cynthia

"I really like the app. It makes a lot of sense to me. Why wouldn't I use it to get inspired about food? Easy to use and fun."

- Keren

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